ISR - Porto is a RD&I institution that was founded in 1992.
It’s affiliated to Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto (FEUP), ranked amongst the top schools of engineering in Europe an among the 200 best schools worldwide.

At ISR -Porto research groups develop advanced multidisciplinary research activities, in the areas advanced systems and control concepts, tools and technologies for a wide range of areas encompassing robotics, automation, networked vehicles and systems, and, in particular, new emerging network centric systems with high societal impact. We offer an inspiring, multinational and multicultural research ecosystem with over one hundred researchers engaged in cutting-edge research, training and outreach activities, which are guided by quality indicators such as scientific reputation and production.

Together with FEUP integrates the Research Unit SYSTEC - Center for Systems and Technologies.

ISR and other four partner research institutions, SYSTEC - FEUP, CDRSP - IPLeiria, CEMMPRE - UCoimbra and ISISE - UMinho and UCoimbra integrates the ARISE - Advanced Production and Intelligent Systems Associated Laboratory.